Monday, May 15, 2017

Finding Your Personal Style

 I've decided to make these post because I was recently looking at older pictures and seeing how myself and my style has evolved over the years. We all have gone through the phases of where I style was nothing how you are at all. My style first started changing around freshmen year of high school. That's when tumblr was such a huge part of fashion and I tried so hard to have that different style like those on tumblr and it just didn't fit me .
With that tumblr trend I also started to thrift a lot more and added a lot of "vintage" pieced to my wardrobe. And looking back on it it looks just so forced.

As I got older in high school and senior year came I and my style was looking a little more like myself.  With this style I stopped with loud prints and forcing "tumblr trends". This is also where I became more comfortable in my skin.

Now it is my Junior year and college and I find that my style really become my own.
I now wear things for comfort but yet stylish. The basics in my wardrobe include some sort of sneakers, jeans and t-shirt. On some occasions you'll catch me in a dress or skirt but usually some sneakers are included in those outfits.The main trend that I have also noticed in my style is monochrome looks,as well as denim on denim.

As I grow and find myself more I also find my style more. There is still so much more in life and many more expriences that will probably affect my style as well. I hope to continue to add more photos to my blog and see how my style evolves even more. I hope to take more risks in my style instead of playing it safe all the time. But that is main goal for my style for this year.
Thats all love

Monday, December 12, 2016

Neutrals + Turban

Hello fellow bloggers!

It's currently finals week and of course like every other college student I'm procrastinating because thats what we do best. I really just bored and have nothing to do until I have my last final on Wednesday. So this make it the perfect time to post some thanksgiving pictures. 

Recently I've gotten into the turban phase, not only is it great for days when you don't feel like doing your hair but it's also great for making a boring outfit less boring. I'm surprised I haven getting one in every color yet.

Theres really not much details to add about my outfit. My necklaces from forever 21, as well as my shirt. Jeans are from toyshop (which are the best pair of jeans ever). Purse is Dooney and Burke and lastly the scarf is from Walmart.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Forgotten Files

I have pretty bittersweet memories over these set of pictures. I was so excited cause this was the day that I was going to the Kehlani concert, I had gotten all dressed up early in hopes to take some bomb blog pics. Wellll, seemed that my camera and tripod had the opposite idea. Mid-way of my picture taking my tripod falls tragically breaking my precious camera. Several months later, and a whole new year I have gotten decided to post these hidden files on my laptop. For my "photoshoot" to be so short lived that day the only three pictures that I did happen to get aren't that bad, so for that I'm satisfied. 

My two piece is a romper from the thrift store that ended up being too small. With the help of my mom and some random lace trim in the house we were able to achieve this cute and comfy outfit. I opted for my trusty navy blue chucks cause the concert was standing room only so I had to have to shoes that wouldn't kill my feet.

ttfn ( tbt to those AOL chatroom days)

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Just Graduated

Sooo this happened today!!!

I just graduated high school today! It was long and tedious but I can say that I made it. This is the most bittersweet moment in my life. I'll miss my friends for the most part, I'm ready to start my life and work towards my career. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


So this last weekend was my prom!!! It was so stressful for everything to be perfect for that night but it totally paid off. The dress is designed by me and made by my mother. My make up was done by a family friend. I didn't really take many pictures by myself that were any good. I also went to a beach house and brunch so I'll show those pictures as well.
Me + Plus awkward pic of make up being done
Me + one of my best friends at brunch
ehhh captions are tiring now
but full dress + beach fun
 Selfie with my girls

Well that was my prom weekend summed up in one post, thats all.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday

Heyyyy Guys!! Im back with an outfit of the day. It's pretty casual for Easter Sunday but I was working in children church and was gonna be there all day so I decided to dress down. Even though I wore a dress the first service.  I wish I had more to say but I really didn't do much today. I was just on twitter and youtube all day, but here's the outfit

(excuse the crappy pictures, my camera hasn't been liking me lately)

Top: Thrifted
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Jacket: Unknown
Necklace: Aldo

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Music: FKA Twigs

Hey Guys! It's been awhile I haven't been able to post a outfit mostly because I wear uniform and on the weekends I've been stuck on the house which equals:

Bummy days= Bummy clothes= Bummy me 

But anyways back to the main reason of this post, my new obsession with FKA Twigs. I've always known about Twigs but just the other day I actually sat down and listened to her. Her voice is so enchanting, it is truly pure art. Not only is her music art but her videos are just as enchanting as her voice. Not to mention her great unique style, she is like the queen of baby hairs. Below here are some of  my fave songs by her.