Saturday, August 3, 2013

Shoe Haul

This is basically back to school shopping and the only highlight of this time is shoe shopping since I have a uniform at my school. The picture quality is bad and I wanted to post something so I just did it off my iPad 

Gold Tip Loafers:
I got these at Macy's and they weren't something that I were crazy about at first but I decided I needed to expand my shoe collection so I went and got them (plus they were a steal)

White Hi-Top Converse:
These were a absolute must have for me. I have had been wanting them since last year and this year I finally gave into the pressure and bought them.

Tribal Flatforms:
I have been looking at Flatforms since the beginning of summer but ones with a low platform being that I'm very cautious of my height, I then later decided a inch won't hurt.

 Studded Toe Oxfords:
The moment I first laid my eyes on the shoes I knew I must have them. They have two of my most favorite thing gold in black and studded toes (studs period).

That is all for my little shoe haul.


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