Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thrift Pick Ups

 I went my favorite thrift store Value Village and picked up a few things. So I've been to this thrift store dozens of times and something just told me to go to the book section. I did and found Bohemian Manifesto and Valley of the Dolls. I chose Bohemian Manifesto because I love the bohemian trend and wanted to know more background of it. Then I chose Valley of the Dolls because Marina and the Diamonds has a song named that title. Next I picked up the plaid skirt so I could make it asymmetrical for the Fall time. I only picked up short cause you could never go wrong with denim ever, I distressed and ripped some hole in the to give them more run-down look. Lastly I got a jersey like shirt to kind of rep Houston (even though we don't have the best teams compared to others) and I was just gonna crop it to make more sporty.


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