Monday, December 12, 2016

Neutrals + Turban

Hello fellow bloggers!

It's currently finals week and of course like every other college student I'm procrastinating because thats what we do best. I really just bored and have nothing to do until I have my last final on Wednesday. So this make it the perfect time to post some thanksgiving pictures. 

Recently I've gotten into the turban phase, not only is it great for days when you don't feel like doing your hair but it's also great for making a boring outfit less boring. I'm surprised I haven getting one in every color yet.

Theres really not much details to add about my outfit. My necklaces from forever 21, as well as my shirt. Jeans are from toyshop (which are the best pair of jeans ever). Purse is Dooney and Burke and lastly the scarf is from Walmart.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Forgotten Files

I have pretty bittersweet memories over these set of pictures. I was so excited cause this was the day that I was going to the Kehlani concert, I had gotten all dressed up early in hopes to take some bomb blog pics. Wellll, seemed that my camera and tripod had the opposite idea. Mid-way of my picture taking my tripod falls tragically breaking my precious camera. Several months later, and a whole new year I have gotten decided to post these hidden files on my laptop. For my "photoshoot" to be so short lived that day the only three pictures that I did happen to get aren't that bad, so for that I'm satisfied. 

My two piece is a romper from the thrift store that ended up being too small. With the help of my mom and some random lace trim in the house we were able to achieve this cute and comfy outfit. I opted for my trusty navy blue chucks cause the concert was standing room only so I had to have to shoes that wouldn't kill my feet.

ttfn ( tbt to those AOL chatroom days)