Monday, May 15, 2017

Finding Your Personal Style

 I've decided to make these post because I was recently looking at older pictures and seeing how myself and my style has evolved over the years. We all have gone through the phases of where I style was nothing how you are at all. My style first started changing around freshmen year of high school. That's when tumblr was such a huge part of fashion and I tried so hard to have that different style like those on tumblr and it just didn't fit me .
With that tumblr trend I also started to thrift a lot more and added a lot of "vintage" pieced to my wardrobe. And looking back on it it looks just so forced.

As I got older in high school and senior year came I and my style was looking a little more like myself.  With this style I stopped with loud prints and forcing "tumblr trends". This is also where I became more comfortable in my skin.

Now it is my Junior year and college and I find that my style really become my own.
I now wear things for comfort but yet stylish. The basics in my wardrobe include some sort of sneakers, jeans and t-shirt. On some occasions you'll catch me in a dress or skirt but usually some sneakers are included in those outfits.The main trend that I have also noticed in my style is monochrome looks,as well as denim on denim.

As I grow and find myself more I also find my style more. There is still so much more in life and many more expriences that will probably affect my style as well. I hope to continue to add more photos to my blog and see how my style evolves even more. I hope to take more risks in my style instead of playing it safe all the time. But that is main goal for my style for this year.
Thats all love